Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Wed Jan 18 18:33:23 EST 2012

>> but I sure hope that astronomers wake up, stop complaining,


> This is illogical (and borderline insulting). We're supposed to

> "wake up", but do so without talking about the issues?


Yeah, sorry, that was a bit over the top.

I would like at some point, regardless of how the ITU vote turns
out for this list to collectively work toward external education
rather than internal bickering or google baiting. For every one
of us there are a thousand engineers out there who are clueless
about the subtleties of timescales. We could all work together
on a best practices document.

In particular, it seems to me many of your telescope concerns
would be non-issues if you could use your influence to push the
use of UT1/DUT1 in those systems related to pointing.


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