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Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Wed Jan 18 23:43:40 EST 2012

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> From: "Seago, John"

> Subject: It just occurred to me...

> Date: January 18, 2012 6:39:05 PM MST


> It just occurred to me that, if the ITU votes to abolish leap seconds,

> some people may think that takes decision effect immediately and will

> not attempt to account for the June leap second (or subsequent ones up

> to 2018). So not only would one have to be aware of future leap

> seconds, but also one would need to be aware of when they would stop.


> Note that 460-7 says nothing about "old UTC" other than it stops in five

> years; however, the specification for "old UTC" 460-6 will be officially

> deprecated and inactive. This creates a 5-year nether-region of UTC

> definition that will almost certainly create more issues in the near

> term than had nothing happened at all.


> J.Seago

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