[LEAPSECS] Hetzner mail to customers: 1 megawatt more power due to leap second

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Thu Jul 5 18:40:12 EDT 2012

Michael Spacefalcon said:

> Suppose that a rubberization scheme were officially defined as

> something like this: "At such and such precise time, the length of the

> civil second changes from exactly one SI second to exactly 1.001 SI

> seconds. At such and such precise subsequent time, it changes back to

> exactly one SI second."

So do civil speed limits change from 70 mph to 70.07 mph during that
period? Just how much of our infrastructure currently depends on the
assumption that the civil second is the SI second?

Besides which, you still haven't solved the problem - distribution of the
leap information is still a hassle and handling of the event isn't properly
tested. What this rare event does isn't the main problem.

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