[LEAPSECS] Recording GPS leap-second

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Mon May 7 15:23:11 EDT 2012

In message <20120507191612.0E6AD73084 at walton.maths.tcd.ie>, David Malone writes


>> Are anybody are working on making a spectrum recording of GPS signals

>> around the leapsecond, for use as test-stimuli for testing leap-second

>> handling ?


>> I suspect that a USRP should be able to do the job ?


>If you have the right front end, I guess it would be possible. Would

>you just capture a slice around the L1 and L2 frequencies, or try

>to capture a big chunk of the band? (I guess a few MHz around L1

>would probably be enough to be useful.) I have access to a spectrum

>analyser that works in the band, but its memory is probably too

My idea would be at least two hours of L1, suitable to playback
later on...

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