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Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Wed Feb 12 17:02:06 EST 2014

Hal Murray said:

> I don't pay attention to summer time in Europe. How often do things change

> over there and/or how much notice do people get when the rules are changed?

The EU has standard rules defined in a Directive. The present Directive is
2000/84/EC and was published in the Official Journal on 2001-02-02. It took
effect from March 2002.

That Directive didn't actually change the rules; the last one that did was
97/44/EC, which changed the autumn rule from "fourth Sunday in October" to
"last Sunday in October". This appeared in the OJ on 1997-08-01 and gave
the rules for 1998 to 2001 inclusive.

So we're talking a year or so lead time.

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