[LEAPSECS] CEPT ECC viewpoint on leap seconds

Brooks Harris brooks at edlmax.com
Wed Jan 28 04:57:01 EST 2015

It says -

"Until now the solution has been to introduce a 'leap second', in other 
words to stop 'official/scientific' time (Co-ordinated Universal Time, 
'UTC'), for one second every so often."

Hold the phone. "to stop 'official/scientific' time"?!? How worrisome is 
it that the chair of the committee considering the Leap Second question 
could make a statement like that? What, do you suppose, are they 
considering? If you asked me "Should we cease the practice of stopping 
'official/scientific' time every so often" I'd have to say yes. But of 
course thats not whats happening, or, at least, not what's suppose to be 
happening. It *is* whats happening in NTP (the second count "freezes"), 
and in POSIX it doesn't just stop - it backs up. Maybe you should fix 
those practices, but those are not UTC.


On 2015-01-28 02:21 AM, Steve Allen wrote:
> The European CEPT Electronic Communications Committee
> ruminates on the leap second situation at ITU-R WRC-15
> http://apps.ero.dk/eccnews/jan-2015/wrc-15-universal-time.html
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