[LEAPSECS] leap second festivities?

Richard Langley lang at unb.ca
Tue Jun 30 16:12:06 EDT 2015

The picture of me on the front of our papers today shows me pretending to use one of my sextants. Readers (viewers?) might not notice but there is a picture of one on the UNB GNSS antennas in the background. Nice juxtaposition, I thought. Might try to scan it for others to "enjoy."
An "op ed" piece I had written for our papers but which they decided not to run in favour of their cub reporter's story is on the GPS World website instead:
-- Richard 
P.S. I'm having my single malt early, i.e., right now so please down weight anything I'm writing accordingly. ;-) Just came in from checking CHU reception on one of my portable SW receivers (have to get away from all of the RFI in the house). Quite good right now on 7850 kHz.

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Hi Richard,

> "Matsakis advocates the abolition of the leap second, pointing out that we already spend so much our time out of sync with the earth’s rotation.”

So what you’re saying is that Demetrios won’t so much be celebrating for himself?  ;-)

> “This is what happens in the summertime,” he says. “We do Daylight Savings.”

Well, northern summer and only a small fraction of the world does DST.

Is it too late to get an option E added of simply scheduling “summer" leap seconds on the last Sunday morning in June?

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