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Jonathan E. Hardis jhardis at tcs.wap.org
Wed May 20 07:03:19 EDT 2015

I stand by my original statement. The label on the box is a mass specification, not a force specification.  See the reference provided.

If you want to pick at the statement you would have to resort to relativity, in which case I would correct to "rest mass."

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>> That box of Wheaties that is labelled 'Net Weight 10 oz' would 
>> correctly weigh 10 oz everywhere on Earth, on the Moon, and on the ISS.  
> It does not.
> For several reasons, but mainly because the enclosed air changes
> means that the bouyancy depends on air-pressure and thus altitude.
> That goes for anything which isn't enclosed by a rigid container
> with neglible elasticity in the range of relevant air-pressures.
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