[LEAPSECS] Leap second to be introduced at midnight UTC December 31 this year

Richard Langley lang at unb.ca
Mon Jul 25 09:02:13 EDT 2016

Folks at the National Research Council in Ottawa responsible for CHU's broadcast have said that they would change the format for DUT1 should there be a change in the definition of UTC (or whatever a possible new time scale might be called).
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Tom Van Baak <tvb at LeapSecond.com> wrote:

> > Isn't the limit on DUTC 0.9s? So you can't have a leap second at the end
> > of the month when | UT1 - UTC | < 0.1
> Right, for LSEM to work, you'd have to extend the DUT1 limit a bit
> beyond 0.9s. Historically, DUT1 has changed from 0.1s to 0.5s to 0.7s to
> 0.9s, so I doubt 1.1s or 2.0s would be the showstopper.

As I understand it the problem with |DUT1| > 0.9s is to do with radio
signal compatibility, e.g. MSF only allows |DUT1| <= 0.8s +/- 0.05s


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