[LEAPSECS] Windows Server 2019

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at meinberg.de
Fri Jul 20 08:52:53 EDT 2018

Nero Imhard wrote:
> scs+ls at eskimo.com schreef op 2018-07-20 11:35:
>> The question of what happens if you try to run a leapsec-aware
>> kernel downstream of a smearing NTP server is an interesting one.
>> My preferred answer is "Don't do that."
> If that translates to "don't smear ntp" I could not agree more.
> Smearing is catering to those who won't clean up their act,
> causing trouble for those who try to do the right thing.

Please don't blame ntpd for smearing leap seconds.

The leap second is inserted/handled by the kernel, and that's basically
the way it should be.

However, this is often done in a way that applications may become
confused if the system time is simply stepped back by 1 s.

If you used any other time synchronization software which just passes a
leap second announcement to the kernel then the applications will have
the same problems.

Leap second smearing by an NTP server is just an optional way to avoid
these problems because there's no better way to get around it.

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