`abbr` for machine-readable microformat dates explained (was: Markdown and the hCal microformat)

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Thu Aug 3 15:40:58 EDT 2006

Am Donnerstag, 03. August 2006 21:26 schrieb A. Pagaltzis:

> the idea being that I used “now” as a human-readable shorthand

> form for 2006-08-03T21:22:44+0200. (I’m not sure about the exact

> format required for the title attribute.)

So you want to be able to parse the generated html for further use?
Because else I don't get it why one should add such a date. I just image a
disabled user with a screenreader stumbling upon the <abbr> tag (or wherever
else you store the *extended* date) - would be quite a suprise in my opinion
but then I dont use hCal much.
Who is interested in the time zone that was posted in except databases?
Milian Wolff

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