Markdown and the hCal microformat

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Thu Aug 3 15:53:17 EDT 2006

Le 3 août 2006 à 15:16, Milian Wolff a écrit :

> And to the general idea: I think markdown should become extensible

> (the php oo

> version is already?) - and this would perfectyl fit into an extension.

> Nothing for the main package though.

I agree with this. Calendars can be written in a lot of different
ways, and the output expected will vary depending on the application.
Keeping this separate as an extension to Markdown seems the best.

Yes, PHP Markdown, the object oriented version I announced a little
while ago, is better suited for extension than John's Perl Markdown.
But there is no "intelligent" way to add a function in the middle of
the processing chain other than by replacing the caller function,
which makes any extension rather inelegant (but still better than
before). Improving PHP Markdown's extension capabilities is on my
todo list.

Michel Fortin
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