Markdown and the hCal microformat

Paul M Jones pmjones88 at
Mon Aug 7 19:58:32 EDT 2006

Hi all,

On Aug 7, 2006, at 4:35 PM, Michael McCracken wrote:

>> The idea of an extension is that you can build the one *you* need,

>> and share it with other people who needs it if you want. But it

>> can't get in the way (or the processing time) of those who do not

>> have a need for it, or those who aren't satisfied with your

>> version of the syntax and its corresponding output.


> Alright, I'll keep an eye out for a good extension mechanism, then.

> I'll be an early customer, I guess.

I think that Text_Wiki provides a good system for pluggable rule
sets. It might be that a re-architected version of PHP Markdown
could benefit from some of Text_Wiki's implementation ideas.

(Disclaimer: Although I'm the original author on that project,
leadership has since passed from my hands.)


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