PHP 5 port of Markdown, plugin-based

Paul M Jones pmjones88 at
Wed Aug 16 09:39:57 EDT 2006

On Aug 16, 2006, at 7:18 AM, Paul M Jones wrote:

> On Aug 16, 2006, at 12:13 AM, John Gruber wrote:


>> Paul M Jones <pmjones88 at> wrote on 8/15/06 at 10:21 AM:


>>> I'm happy to take feedback and suggestions for improving the code,

>>> and I hope it can be of use to any PHP 5 folks who love Markdown.


>> Any word on performance differences from Michel's implementation?


> No hard numbers yet; my intuition is that the Solar implementation

> will be slower, due to the much larger number of files and separate

> classes. The tradeoff is flexibility. I'll set up some benchmarks

> and report back.

You can see the benchmark files here:

* <>

* <>

Each iteration transforms the "Markdown Documentation - Syntax.text"
file from the test suite. Running on my 1.4GHz PPC Mac Mini (1 gig
RAM), results are:

* benchSolarMarkdown ran 62075 iterations in 2 minutes (517/second)

* benchPhpMarkdown ran 125904 iterations in 2 minutes (1049/second)

So the functional/procedural PHP-Markdown is a little more than twice
as fast as plugin-capable Solar_Markdown. If you transform the
source text anew on every page load, this might be an issue; if you
cache the transformed text for subsequent page loads, it's probably not.

-- pmj

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