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On 12/28/06, John Gruber <gruber at> wrote:

> Andrea Censi <andrea at> wrote on 12/27/06 at 7:11 PM:


> >In particular, what do you think of this (proposed) syntax for adding

> >meta-data to span-level elements?

> >

> >


> 8.1. A syntax for specifying meta-data for span-level elements


> Your use of braces here is very likely to conflict with future

> extensions to Markdown itself.

About this, Michel Fortin referred to an old thread (2005) about
meta-data syntax.
I resurrected it and tried to summarize:

Any comment after so long time?



> Why not just use HTML comments?

For one thing, if I have to write a one-line comment:

<!-- Please, Mark, have a look at the following list -->

I need no less than 7 characters. Practically every language except
xml allows a
<delimiter> <comment> <newline>

For hiding a lot of text, I concede that the <!-- --> syntax is
sufficient, but is really overkill for short comments

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