Block quotes with a blank line between them get merged

John Gruber gruber at
Sun Dec 31 01:37:40 EST 2006

A. Pagaltzis <pagaltzis at> wrote on 10/19/06 at 7:44 PM:

> > ~ function db_like($first, $pattern) {

> > ~ $pattern = preg_quote($pattern);

> > ~ $pattern = preg_replace('/(?<!\\)_/', '.', $pattern);

> > ~ $pattern = preg_replace('/(?<!\\)%/', '.*?', $pattern);

> > ~ return preg_match('{^'.$pattern.'$}', $first);

> > ~ }


> I find those æsthetically highly offensive.

Yeah, tildas don't feel right. Was just for example, really.

> I would suggest pipes, which I’ve seen used in the wild, although

> I guess those might clash with a potential future table markup.

I'm too lazy to look back in the thread to see if I've suggested
this before, but colons might work. I think pipes are almost
certainly going to be used for tables, so count them out (although
I agree they'd feel good for code blocks, too).

> Other options with some precedent include hash marks and percent

> signs; both are markers for single-line comments in some

> languages, so code blocks prefixed with them is not an uncommon

> sight. Of those I’d favour the percent sign, because while it has

> much less precedent, the hash mark looks very heavy.

And hashes are already used for headers.


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