Block quotes with a blank line between them get merged

John Gruber gruber at
Sun Dec 31 01:46:02 EST 2006

Jacob Rus <jrus at> wrote on 10/20/06 at 12:37 AM:

> But I posit that this is really a non-issue, as there is

> almost no use for multiple consecutive code blocks with no

> commentary in between. I have never seen such a pattern used,

> and if in the one time in a million it comes up, the user

> needs to examine the whitespace in detail to figure out which

> is intended, I don't think it's worth adding an (ugly) extra

> syntax to fix.

Yeah, I'm not all that concerned about making it easier to create
two consecutive code blocks with nothing in between them. It'd be
nice if it were possible, but it does strike me as a rarity.

I'm more concerned about making it easier to distinguish code
blocks within lists.

But on the whole, I'd have to say I'm leaning toward not adding
any new syntax for code blocks. But if I did, it'd be some sort of
single-character line prefix, like ‘:’ or ‘%’ or maybe even some
sort of Unicode glyph.


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