parsing question - lists and blockquotes

A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis at
Thu Jun 8 21:11:24 EDT 2006

* Ben Wilson <dausha at> [2006-06-09 01:00]:

> When is there a need for a blockquote within a list? I don't

> think I've encountered this condition "in the wild," so I was

> curious of actual examples.

I’ve used them when I used in numbered lists with multi-paragraph
list items to outline a line of argument, or to outline steps in
a chain of instructions where I quoted bits from source code or
configuration file.

> Also, I generally put a blank line after headings. Does this

> help remedy the problem?

Headlines are matched entirely independently of any blank lines
surrounding them. The following Markdown source:

# Head

will result in the following HTML:




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