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Thu May 18 09:41:52 EDT 2006

I extended the Setext headings in accordance with Grutatxt,[1] which
was one of the inspirational sources for Markdown.[2] The difference
in headings in Grutatxt and Setext is the third "tilda" heading. So, I
was trying to keep within the inspirational range of Markdown. I
typically only use two levels in a document myself, but do have
occasion to go the third level.

It is worth noting that adhering to Grutatxt allows me a justification
for retaining "#" as ordered list items, and the use of apostrophies
for emphasis. I see how Grutatxt influenced PmWiki markup. (Besides,
it also allows me to let PmWiki handle the lists, although not without
some difficulty as I presently do not have loose lists.)

I had also thought of periods. I agree that tildas would seem to be
"as dark" as hyphens. In use, though, they feel like they are closer
to the heading than hyphens, which seemed to mellow them out a bit.
Once the reader is familiar with the distinction between the three, I
opine the mind will fill in the blanks.

In reviewing my code in this matter, I saw that I could raise the
issue to one of local configuration. PmWiki is very localization
friendly by nature, and I'm trying to keep the code close to that
philosophy. So, if there is interest for this feature, I could make it
to where individual administrators could substitute tilda for period,
or add period--either intended as a substitute or as a fourth level of
heading. However, uniformity would suggest maintaining the status quo.


On 5/18/06, Dr. Drang <drdrang at> wrote:

> I see you're extending the setext headers to a third level by using a

> row of tildes as the underline. I like the idea of another level of

> headers, but I wonder if tilde is the right character. Because it's

> about as "dark" as a row of hyphens, it does not provide the visual

> clue that it's a lower level of header. What would you think of a row

> of periods, leaving us with


> Section

> =======


> Subsection

> ----------


> Sub-subsection

> ..............


> As with many things Markdown, the example above looks better with a

> monospaced font than with a proportional font.


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