[ANN] Pandoc 0.3

John MacFarlane jgm at berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 9 05:25:22 EST 2007

I'm pleased to announce the release of Pandoc 0.3, with many
improvements and bug fixes.


- A real markdown parser, not based on regex substitutions.
- [More accurate] and [faster], in many cases, than Markdown.pl.
- Multiple output formats--HTML, Docbook, LaTeX, reStructuredText,
RTF, S5 slide shows--all generated natively, with no XSLT postprocessing.
- Converts *to* markdown from HTML, LaTeX, and reStructuredText.
- Unicode support.
- Support for footnotes.
- Support for "smart" quotes, dashes, and ellipses.
- Support for document metadata (title, author, date).
- Support for inline LaTeX math and ASCIIMathML.
- Support for inline LaTeX commands.
- Compatibility mode to turn off syntax entensions and emulate
- Convenient wrapper scripts:
+ html2markdown makes it easy to produce a markdown version
of any web page.
+ markdown2pdf converts markdown to PDF in one step.
+ hsmarkdown is a drop-in replacement for Markdown.pl.
- Multi-platform: runs on Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Unix.
Binary packages are available for Windows and OS X.



A quick demonstration:


[More accurate]: http://code.google.com/p/pandoc/wiki/PandocVsMarkdownPl
[faster]: http://code.google.com/p/pandoc/wiki/Benchmarks

John MacFarlane
(with lots of help from Recai Oktas)

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