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Tue Jan 9 16:18:32 EST 2007

john (with lots of help from recai) said:

> - Multiple output formats--HTML, Docbook, LaTeX, reStructuredText,

> RTF, S5 slide shows--all generated natively, with no XSLT



> - Converts *to* markdown from HTML, LaTeX, and reStructuredText.


> - Convenient wrapper scripts:

> + html2markdown makes it easy to produce a markdown version


this is awesome, truly awesome.
i'm looking forward to seeing it.

i am _especially_ excited by "round-tripping" --
the ability to take any markdown text and generate
the .html for it, and then back-translate that .html
into a markdown file that's exactly the same as the
one you started with -- but maybe that's just me... ;+)

and start dropping this code into servers or browsers,
so us human beings can upload plain-text all the time,
and not even have to think about .html files ever again...

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