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Andrea Censi andrea at
Wed Jan 17 03:16:30 EST 2007

On 1/17/07, Richard Taytor <dick at> wrote:

> It seems reasonable to prefix a marker colon (possibly followed by whitespace):


> [:ref link] or [: ref link]


> And perhaps the same for attributes:


> {:att ref} or {: att ref}

This is what I implemented in Maruku. After a week of using it, I
would say that the additional ":" does not introduce much "visual
noise",and is certainly worth keeping to make things less ambiguous.

One thing: I would use a different symbol for the short link syntax. A
colon makes me think of a description, which is coherent with the idea
of attributes, but not with the idea of link (this is subjective, of

What about this:

And this is a [*short link] -- or is it better *[like this]?

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