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Tue Jan 23 14:57:59 EST 2007

Le 2007-01-23 à 14:06, Jonathan Deber a écrit :

> (Actually, I do have one feature suggestion for the PHP Markdown

> Extra syntax. If you're posting to a CMS system where multiple

> articles may appear on the same HTML page, you need to assign each

> article a GUID so that the footnote links make sense (i.e., you can't

> have two articles that both use "fnref" as the anchor name for the

> footnotes, since you would end up with two anchors with the same name

> if two articles are published on the same page). It's of course

> possible to do this with a search and replace of "fnref" to something

> like "2007-01-23-1" prior to publishing. But, it would be nice if

> you could specify a document GUID and have the Markdown processor do

> that substitution for you.)

It's already possible if you instantiate the parser yourself instead
of calling the simplified Markdown function:

$parser = new Markdown_Parser;
$parser->fn_id_prefix = $entry_guid;
$text = $parser->transform($text);

> I'm sorry if this has been discussed before; I didn't notice any

> mention of it on the list archives, but the search functionality

> seems to be a bit lacking.

And you could add that archives before April 2006 are hard to find:
you have to manually craft the URLs for each months because they are
not in the main list. Two and a half years of discussion are
"missing" like this.

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