Footnote support in Markdown

Jonathan Deber jonathan.deber at
Wed Jan 24 18:29:38 EST 2007

>It's already possible if you instantiate the parser yourself instead

>of calling the simplified Markdown function:


> $parser = new Markdown_Parser;

> $parser->fn_id_prefix = $entry_guid;

> $text = $parser->transform($text);

I figured it was probably possible. I have only taken a reasonably
quick look at PHP Markdown Extra, and the basic documentation doesn't
mention this. Thanks for the info.

> > I'm sorry if this has been discussed before; I didn't notice any

>> mention of it on the list archives, but the search functionality

>> seems to be a bit lacking.


>And you could add that archives before April 2006 are hard to find:

>you have to manually craft the URLs for each months because they are

>not in the main list. Two and a half years of discussion are

>"missing" like this.


I was wondering why the list seemed to be such a recent creation.

Has anyone considered moving the list from mailman to Google Groups?
They aren't perfect, but there is (unsurprisingly) very good search
functionality. I feel a little silly suggesting this as a brand new
list member, but it seemed relevant to the discussion...


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