Markdown use by newspapers?

Jan Erik Moström lists at
Sun Jan 28 15:37:43 EST 2007

Reply to robert mcgonegal <robert37 at> 07-01-27 14:58:

>Does anyone know of any larger newspapers or publishing

>companies that use Markdown? Several times I've noticed

>glitches in web page articles, posted at larger newspapers,

>where emphasis has been indicated by underlines and have wondered.

The last time I visited a newspaper I noticed that they were not
using any kind of word processor to write the articles, instead
they were using some kind of specialized software for writing
the papers and the markup of the articles were similar to other
markup languages (I'm talking roff, nroff etc).

However, this was about 10 years ago but I don't know if things
have changed since then.


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