Markdown use by newspapers?

James Bennett ubernostrum at
Sun Jan 28 18:02:42 EST 2007

On 1/28/07, Jan Erik Moström <lists at> wrote:

> The last time I visited a newspaper I noticed that they were not

> using any kind of word processor to write the articles, instead

> they were using some kind of specialized software for writing

> the papers and the markup of the articles were similar to other

> markup languages (I'm talking roff, nroff etc).

I work at a newspaper, and I can tell you that our stories are input
into our CMS using a specialized XML dialect which gets transformed
into (X)HTML for output.

However, we do have Markdown sneaking in for a couple of things; for
we recently launched a site which gives every user a personal blog,
and their blog entries are formatted using Markdown -- it was a
simple, off-the-shelf solution that gave us a lot of flexibility.

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