Markdown generates invalid html for a list immediately followed by a quote

Rob Shearer markdown at
Thu Jul 12 10:13:33 EDT 2007

>> Plus, anything outright new, like tables, is by definition going

>> to break compatibility with 1.0 implementations.


> Anything, from the simplest bug fix to the most complex feature, is

> by definition going to break compatibility with 1.0 implementations

> because the output for a given input is going to change; there's no

> way to avoid that.

It might be nice if "version 2.0" were a little stricter in defining
what constitutes a valid markdown document. That way it's possible to
extend the language to interpret previously invalid documents,
instead of changing behavior for valid ones---so people authoring
"valid" markdown need not worry about features from future versions.

Such an approach only goes so far for a language like markdown that
tries to let everything look very natural, but most of the extensions
I've seen are fairly esoteric and don't sit well in plain-text
anyway, so hiding the markdown encoding behind a few extra characters
really doesn't hurt too much.


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