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A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Sun Mar 4 21:18:19 EST 2007

* John Gruber <gruber at fedora.net> [2007-03-05 02:10]:

> John Fraser <showdown at attacklab.net> wrote on 3/4/07 at 7:47 PM:

> > I really feel like the best approach is to get Markdown

> > working inside normal HTML divs, just like it works inside

> > spans right now.


> I don't see why you'd want that, though. How would you deal

> with:


> <div class="math">2*2*2 = 8</div>

I agree with the sentiment, but the <div> is a red herring here,
as indeed is any kind of block/inline element question:

<i class="math">2*2*2 = 8</i>

This is basically a variant of the problem with
long_multiword_file.names where people kept tripping over the
emphasis markup. It would generally be useful if there were a
<verbatim> tag, though probably with a shorter name.

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