div & span support

John MacFarlane jgm at berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 5 17:07:58 EST 2007

> If nobody here thinks it would be an improvement to be able to use

> Markdown within any old HTML block and wrap divs without boilerplate

> then I guess I should stop lobbying for it. If you're saying it

> can't be done, you may be right -- but my gut tells me it can.

I agree with you that for most purposes this is a better default. (In
fact, this is how pandoc behaves, though standard Markdown treatment
of HTML blocks can be restored by specifying the '--strict' option.)
I think it's much easier for users, unless they need to do a lot of
copying and pasting of blocks from HTML sources. Things like

<div class="math">2 * 2 = 4</div>

are no problem; you just have to backslash-escape the *, as you would
in any other markdown context.


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