anchor names from headers (Setext and atx)?

Ben Wilson dausha at
Mon Sep 24 13:42:27 EDT 2007

Fancy that, you're right about id tags.[1] Shows I'm a bit older
school, I suppose? More like I've not been paying attention.

On 9/24/07, John MacFarlane <jgm at> wrote:

> > Just a minor nit, but it looks like Pandoc produces both the id but

> > also an anchor tag (below). However, it does not produce an <a

> > name=''>, which I believe is valid HTML. I don't thing browsers key on

> > the id tag of the header.

> >

> > <h2 id="header-identifiers-in-html"><a href="#TOC-header-identifiers-in-html">


> The anchor is a back-reference to the table of contents. (Note

> that it is produced only if '--toc' is specified on the command

> line.) And you certainly can link to `<h2 id="myheader">` using `<a

> href="#myheader">my header</a>`...



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