Syntax Questions

John Gabriele jmg3000 at
Thu Jul 17 10:11:34 EDT 2008

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 9:49 AM, Jurgens du Toit
<jurgens.dutoit at> wrote:

> Ok.


> Is it possible to modify the code to do that?

Very probably, but you may not want to. My impression is that there's
a lot of tradeoffs in Markdown between it trying to do what you mean
and it requiring non-ambiguous markup. For example, if you've got a
paragraph with a plus sign in it, and you have your editor re-wrap it,
you might end up with a line starting with that plus sign. You
wouldn't want Markdown to think it's a one-item list.

It's also not terribly easy to read without that leading newline.

> Can you point me in the right

> direction?

You might look in the `_DoLists` function.

> It's something I'd realy like to be able to do, even if it is a configurable

> options.


> Another thing, is it possible to convert newlines to <br/> tags? I tried

> nl2br before and after passing the string to markdown, but either way

> there's to many br tags then.

You can end a line with 2 or more spaces and it will create a <br/> for you.


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