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>> Ok.


>> Is it possible to modify the code to do that?


> Very probably, but you may not want to. My impression is that there's

> a lot of tradeoffs in Markdown between it trying to do what you mean

> and it requiring non-ambiguous markup. For example, if you've got a

> paragraph with a plus sign in it, and you have your editor re-wrap it,

> you might end up with a line starting with that plus sign. You

> wouldn't want Markdown to think it's a one-item list.

Well, that's almost the exact reason this was changed, a long time ago
now. The problem was with sentences finishing with a number in the
middle of a hard-wrapped paragraph. For instance, I could say: "I want
2. He wants 3.", and then you'd have a strange list popping in the
middle of your otherwise normal paragraph.

The requirement of a blank line goes away when a list is nested in
another, so you can write nice-looking hierarchical lists:

1. Test
* Test
* Test

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