Syntax Questions

Jacob Rus jacobolus at
Sat Jul 19 07:32:30 EDT 2008

Jurgens du Toit wrote:

> If you look at a formatter like tidy, it's got a lot of options where you

> can turn certain behaviour on and off, making it much more useable for a lot

> of people. Wouldn't it improve the usability of Markdown if these kind of

> options were present?

No, it would be a compatibility nightmare, for no benefit.

> Another thing, is it possible to convert newlines to <br/> tags? I tried

> nl2br before and after passing the string to markdown, but either way

> there's to many br tags then.

Put two spaces at the end of a line to insert a line break like this.

> Is it a bug or a feature that the following two texts get formatted

> differently?


> My shopping list

> + Bread

> + Milk

> + Cheese

It is most definitely a feature. Imagine you had text something like:

To calculate the result, we add the two numbers 5
+ 6, and we obtain the sum 11. Then we compute 11
- 2.

It would be horribly inconvenient if this was interpreted as a list.
(Forgive the contrived example.)


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