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Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Mon Jul 21 19:09:35 EDT 2008

Le 2008-07-21 à 6:32, Jurgens du Toit a écrit :

> I mean that "difficulty to test" must not impair the development

> process.

> Yes, sure, don't roll out software that hasn't been tested, but, as

> Markdown

> is issued under an open source license, there's who knows how many

> people

> who might want the untested functionality, and who will be willing

> to test

> it, and probably improve on it as well. Me included.

No doubt about that: testing shouldn't impair development. As you've
seen, I'm not against experiments; I've even told you what to change
to get what you requested.

But I'm not interested in *publishing* this as a feature of PHP
Markdown because I don't want to test and maintain a new optional
feature. Not to mention that I think it breaks the syntax. If you wish
to do the maintenance and testing it requires and handle the bug
reports that will come (or ignore them), feel free to fork PHP
Markdown and publish that; the license allows it.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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