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On the markdown site it is written: "Markdown’s syntax is intended for
one purpose: to be used as a format for writing for the web.", although
recently I moved from Emacs Muse to Markdown markup for writing my study
notes and plan to use it for writing technical documentation as well.

However, in order to be able to use the features I had in Muse, I write
using 'extended' syntax and use Pandoc to convert my study notes to
*.odt (and to *.doc to my mentor), while I plan to convert markdown to
ConTeXt for my own publishing needs.

Pandoc will get bibliographic citations support and it already has
support for stuff like footnotes, tables, and definition lists.

That's why I'm interested to know what is the plan in regard to
standardizing some of those 'extra' features which put markdown markup
in the category of (more) serious authoring solutions?

I appreciate the simplicity of markdown, but still consider that the
above features do not taint the basic model, but provide powerful
authoring solution along with converters like Pandoc which does



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