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Wed Jul 23 13:13:33 EDT 2008

>>>>> "Michel" == Michel Fortin <michel.fortin at> writes:

Hello Michel,

Michel> Well, I plan to specify and define unambiguously the syntax for
Michel> Markdown Extra, with an eye on keeping that spec usable to
Michel> implement a plain Markdown parser too. I hope to convince some
Michel> other Markdown implementers to follow the parsing model in that
Michel> spec to help improve interoperability and compatibility both
Michel> with standard and extra features.

Hey this are good news :-)

Michel> You can read the current draft here:
Michel> <>

Thanks for the link. I stumbled upon it sometime in the past (replacing
support for markdown in PHP Markdown with M-extra in CMSMS), but forgot
about it...

Michel> Development of that spec is somewhat stalled right now, as I'm
Michel> working on other things. Note that these other things include an
Michel> experimental incremental parser for PHP Markdown and PHP
Michel> Markdown Extra... which could count as advancing the spec anyway
Michel> by looking at what is practical and what is not. (Some problems
Michel> with the current approach in the spec convinced me to experiment
Michel> a little before writing further.)

Good, good. Let's hope that nice 'standard' for Markdown Extra will
emerge out of it...It makes Markdown very powerful for authoring of all
kinds of documents.



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