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> if they are ambiguous about what they want, do nothing!


While, generally, I would agree with this line of thinking, we must
remember that one of the basic concepts behind Markdown is that it
should never return an error for invalid markup. So, then, how do we
interpret "do nothing". Some would argue that "do nothing" is what
Option A is doing, while other's might argue the same for Option C. Or
would you prefer option D: wrap the entire block of text in a <p> and
move on?

The fact is, the authors of each implementation need to make that
decision. Obviously, everyone hasn't made the same decision. Yet,
theoretically, all implementations *should* do the same thing. So,
yeah, we need to have this discussion.

That said, I think you do have a point. Option B does not fit into "do
nothing" no matter how you look at it. That's one more strike against
IMO. I also think that the above option D it not only a lot harder to
implement, but also not intuitive at all. At least with A, B or C, the
user can look at the resulting list(s) and get a few clues about what
might be wrong in their source text.

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