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Yuri Takhteyev qaramazov at
Mon Sep 8 13:37:18 EDT 2008

>> if they are ambiguous about what they want, do nothing!


> While, generally, I would agree with this line of thinking, we must

> remember that one of the basic concepts behind Markdown is that it

> should never return an error for invalid markup. So, then, how do we

> interpret "do nothing". Some would argue that "do nothing" is what

> Option A is doing, while other's might argue the same for Option C. Or

> would you prefer option D: wrap the entire block of text in a <p> and

> move on?

I would instead say: "do whatever is simplest while being reasonable".
To me, A seemed simplest, which is why I chose it, though I
definitely can see how one can argue for C as the simplest option. B
is too clever and is not worth the effort for the case that doesn't
have an obvious intuitive interpretation. D would be ugly and
actually adds complexity over A and C.

Between A and C it seems that A wins the popularity contest 7:3 ((John
skipped markdown.lua's "vote" for A). So, A also wins the plurality
vote even if B is not eliminated. So, I would declare it the "right"

Another thing about B: if we were to go this route, we would then have
to also discuss how to handle

0. zero
- one
2. two

Does the introduction of "zero" make "two" a top level element or is
it still a sub-item of "one"? Why?

- yuri


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