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Tue Sep 9 18:45:23 EDT 2008

waylan said:

> Actually, any method that returns results different than what the

> author expects will "force the author to become less ambiguous."

assuming they notice.

if you put the results in some kind of indented block, they might not.

(which is probably why this "corner case" hasn't been noticed before.
it took some sleuthing for john to uncover different implementations.)

if you leave it hanging there as a bare paragraph (i.e., "do nothing")
they're far more likely to notice that it wasn't formatted "as intended",
and that's likely to get them to ask themselves what they'd intended...
("markdown didn't seem to know what i wanted; oh, i was too vague.")

but at any rate, what you've made here is a good point, so i feel i can
make good on my intention to opt out of this thread from now on...


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