[ANN] Draftastic -- Markdown-based collaborative editor

Nick Blanchard-Wright nickbw at draftastic.com
Thu Sep 11 18:36:51 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

We've just launched a collaborative editing site that relies heavily on
Markdown. We wanted to say thanks, and we'd love any feedback from the
Markdown community.

http://draftastic.com/ is a realtime, multi-user text editor. It does
locking on arbitrary blocks of text, rather than locking at the page level
or trying to merge character-by-character changes, neither of which ever
seemed comfortable. Basically, it's version control for natural language.

The blocks are all handled by WMD (which could not have come at a better
time!) client-side, and PHP Markdown server-side, with some XSS filtering
thrown in.

All the interesting Markdown-related features are in the free version
(we're charging for hosting, not tools). It should be plenty for personal
use and small projects, but if your organization has contributed to
Markdown and it wants a larger instance, it's entitled to a 20% discount
by way of: https://draftastic.com/signup?code=tharkdown

Nick Blanchard-Wright and Charlie Loyd

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