Hello. I'm new so forgive my ignorance of previous ideas.

Waylan Limberg waylan at gmail.com
Fri May 1 14:54:15 EDT 2009

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 2:27 PM, John Kipling Lewis <jklewis at umich.edu> wrote:


> One thing I thought might be useful for Markdown was logic that converted

> certain text to <del> tags.  Since Markdown is often used as a way to

> transfer information from email and there is a convention for simulating

> deleted text in email it might make a nice addition.


> Example:


> I really love^H^H^H^H hate you.


> becomes,


> I really <del>love</del> hate you.

Well, I'd say this is both easier to read and write than your example
above. As readability is a top priority and markdown allows raw html,
I don't see any need for a way to markup deleted text accept with raw
html - which we already have.

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Waylan Limberg

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