A Suggestion for Strikethrough Syntax

Bill Eccles Bill.lists at Eccles.net
Wed Nov 4 18:06:19 EST 2009


Hopefully, I'm not covering old territory, and a search of the list
archives seems to indicate that I'm not. If I am, then I extend my
apologies in advance.

I use strikethrough a lot so I modify my Movable Type Markdown module
as shown below, right about line 1040 or so. I assume other Markdown
implementations can use this change as well:

sub _DoItalicsAndBold {
my $text = shift;

# <strong> must go first:
$text =~ s{ (\*\*|__) (?=\S) (.+?[*_]*) (?<=\S) \1 }

$text =~ s{ (\*|_) (?=\S) (.+?) (?<=\S) \1 }

# These lines added by Bill Eccles, 2008-07-04
$text =~ s{ (\s) (-) (?=\S) (.+?) (?<=\S) (-) }

return $text;

It converts

-text to be struck through-


<strike>text to be struck through</strike>.

Simple, and it works for me.

(I detail it at <http://www.bill.eccles.net/bills_words/2008/07/a-test-entry-with-markdownstri.html


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