A Suggestion for Strikethrough Syntax

John MacFarlane jgm at berkeley.edu
Thu Nov 5 13:05:39 EST 2009

+++ Bill Eccles [Nov 04 09 18:06 ]:

> All,


> Hopefully, I'm not covering old territory, and a search of the list

> archives seems to indicate that I'm not. If I am, then I extend my

> apologies in advance.


> It converts


> -text to be struck through-


> to


> <strike>text to be struck through</strike>.


> Simple, and it works for me.

Pandoc uses this syntax in its markdown extensions:

~~text to be struck through~~


One advantage of this over your proposal is that it doesn't require
a leading space, which is useful for edits and occasionally other
things (e.g. when you want to strike out the first word of a text):

~~Dear Colleagues:~~To whom it may concern:

It also allows e.g. hyphenated words in struck-through


Now that it's been in pandoc for a while, I'd be reluctant
to change this syntax, but it now strikes me that something
like the following would look better:



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