A Suggestion for Strikethrough Syntax

Bill Eccles Bill.lists at Eccles.net
Mon Nov 9 18:55:35 EST 2009

> Pandoc uses this syntax in its markdown extensions:


> ~~text to be struck through~~

8< snip!


> Now that it's been in pandoc for a while, I'd be reluctant

> to change this syntax, but it now strikes me that something

> like the following would look better:


> apol(~l~)ogies

> syntactic(~al~)

> (~permutation-invariant~)


> John

Actually, I like your double-tilde notation a lot better than my hyphen notation. It accomplishes much better what John set out to do, namely make something that looks like what it represents. And a tilde does look a lot like a scribble, which is a lot like what a strikethrough represents.

I don't much care for the parenthesis-laden notation, though. Doesn't quite look like what it represents as much as the double-tilde does.

I'd love to see Pandoc integrated with Movable Type. That'd be sweeeeeeet.


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