New Markdown parser in Perl: Markdent

Dave Rolsky autarch at
Sun Nov 29 13:51:29 EST 2009

I've recently released a new Markdown parser in Perl, called Markdent.
This differs from the existing Perl tools (and most other language tools
I've seen) in that it's an event-driven parser.

This lets you analyze the document in much more interesting ways, as well
as cache parse results (but not HTML generation), and do other fun stuff.

The module is also designed so that it's relatively easy(ish) to create
Markdown dialects. Right now it ships with a dialect that supports David
Wheeler's table syntax proposal at The
actual implementation is slightly different from David's proposal, but
mostly with his blessing ;)

The module is on CPAN at

I also wrote a bit about why this module can be useful in a blog post at


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