PHP Markdown 1.0.1n & Extra 1.2.4

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Sat Oct 10 13:23:49 EDT 2009

Hello all.

This is an update to PHP Markdown and PHP Markdown Extra correcting a
couple of bugs that got reported since last release.

I also decided to enable in this release shortcut-style reference
links (as present in 1.0.2 beta), as most implementations
of Markdown accepts them by default. It's also because waiting for
John to release officially version 1.0.2 as an actual release (instead
of a beta) for enabling this feature looks like a dead end at the

So you can download it from here:

As usual, you can also grab the latest release from the PEAR channel
at <> or the Git repository mirror at <

Here is the detailed list of changes.

1.0.1n (10 Oct 2009):

* Enabled reference-style shortcut links. Now you can write reference-
links with less brakets:

This is [my website].

[my website]:

This was added in the 1.0.2 betas, but commented out in the 1.0.1
waiting for the feature to be officialized. [But half of the other
implementations are supporting this syntax][half], so it makes sense
compatibility's sake to allow it in PHP Markdown too.


* Now accepting many valid email addresses in autolinks that were
previously rejected, such as:

<abc+mailbox/department=shipping at>
<"abc at def">
<"Fred Bloggs">

* Now accepting spaces in URLs for inline and reference-style links.
URLs need to be surrounded by angle brakets. For instance:

[link text](<http://url/with space> "optional title")

[link text][ref]
[ref]: <http://url/with space> "optional title"

There is still a quirk which may prevent this from working correctly
relative URLs in inline-style links however.

* Fix for adjacent list of different kind where the second list could
end as a sublist of the first when not separated by an empty line.

* Fixed a bug where inline-style links wouldn't be recognized when the
definition contains a line break between the url and the title.

* Fixed a bug where tags where the name contains an underscore aren't

* Fixed some corner-cases mixing underscore-ephasis and asterisk-

Extra 1.2.4 (10 Oct 2009):

* Fixed a problem where unterminated tags in indented code blocks could
prevent proper escaping of characaters in the code block.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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