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Alastair Rankine arsptr at
Tue May 11 07:51:28 EDT 2010

Here is another implementation of Markdown, this time in c++ using the Boost Spirit library.

Spirit Markdown is written in (hopefully!) idiomatic modern c++ and a full suite of unit tests are provided. It is licensed under the Boost Software License (OSI compliant).

The purpose of writing this is:
* for me to gain expertise in the use of Spirit, both through direct experience and public review,
* to provide a useful implemenation of Markdown, hopefully one that performs favourably to other implementations, and
* to provide a thorough "real world" example of Spirit, which might prove useful to others

The implementation is mature enough that I have dubbed it a 0.1.0 release. This means that there are some regressions against the Perl implementation, but for the most part it should be usable. No attempts have been made to optimise the parsers or the overall operation.

Boost Spirit is a parser generator for PEG-based grammars. My grammar is based on John MacFarlane's PEG grammars for markdown, and to him I am much indebted. There are however quite a few differences between John's and mine and I'd be happy to discuss them.

This project is hosted on launchpad, and there you will find source code and a binary for MacOS (other platforms forthcoming):

Honestly, I think there is quite a lot that can be improved here, and I would definitely appreciate any constructive feedback.

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