Announcing Spirit Markdown

John MacFarlane jgm at
Tue May 11 15:00:54 EDT 2010

+++ Alastair Rankine [May 11 10 21:51 ]:

> Here is another implementation of Markdown, this time in c++ using the

> Boost Spirit library.


> Spirit Markdown is written in (hopefully!) idiomatic modern c++ and a

> full suite of unit tests are provided. It is licensed under the Boost

> Software License (OSI compliant).


> The purpose of writing this is:


> * for me to gain expertise in the use of Spirit, both through direct

> experience and public review,


> * to provide a useful implemenation of Markdown, hopefully one

> that performs favourably to other implementations, and


> * to provide a thorough "real world" example of Spirit, which

> might prove useful to others


> The implementation is mature enough that I have dubbed it a

> 0.1.0 release. This means that there are some regressions against the

> Perl implementation, but for the most part it should be usable. No

> attempts have been made to optimise the parsers or the overall

> operation.


> Boost Spirit is a parser generator for PEG-based grammars. My grammar

> is based on John MacFarlane's PEG grammars for markdown, and to him I

> am much indebted. There are however quite a few differences between

> John's and mine and I'd be happy to discuss them.

Yes, I'd be interested (especially if some of the differences are
mistakes in peg-markdown, which I could correct).


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