ol start with a specific number?

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Mon Apr 11 20:33:12 EDT 2011

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 11:34 PM, Aristotle Pagaltzis <pagaltzis at gmx.de> wrote:

> * Waylan Limberg <waylan at gmail.com> [2011-04-07 04:15]:

>> I'm not opposed to adding this, but I noticed that no other

>> implementation (of those on Babelmark) implements this by

>> default (not counting Pandoc's extended mode). I haven't

>> checked if other implementations offer this as an option.


> John’s reason was that the `start` attribute was deprecated

> in HTML 4 Strict.

That's why I'm so fond of Markdown implementations that support inline
attribute lists (IALs) or similar, since all you need to do arbitrary
styling on the CSS layer is a hook. kramdown [1], my favorite,
borrowed IALs from Maruku [2] to nice effect. I don't use inline
attributes often, but they're a lifesaver in certain spots.

But because of my recent addiction to hyde [3] I find myself using
python-markdown a lot, so either write one-off post-processing
instructions to insert a hook or rely on `markdown="1"`. (BTW,
python-markdown honors `markdown="1"`, but doesn't strip the attribute
from output -- though post-processing fixes this, too.)

IMO, any elegant facility for specifying arbitrary attributes inline
solves not only the list-numbering problem but a raft of others.


[1]: http://kramdown.rubyforge.org/syntax.html#inline-attribute-lists
[2]: http://maruku.rubyforge.org/proposal.html#attribute_lists
[3]: https://github.com/lakshmivyas/hyde

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