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Wed Aug 17 20:26:18 EDT 2011

i do not disavow fletcher's disavowal of my opinions... :+)
they are mine, and mine alone. and anyone can disagree.

having said that...

1. it simply doesn't matter what implementation is "best".
there is a clear leader now, so the icejam has been broken.
and penney knows it, since he's using his "composer" app.
and i know it, because i've been using a similar capability
in my own dogfood for years now. it is a kick-ass feature.
there's good reason "marked" -- even as clumsy as it is --
is still in the top-200 on the mac app store best-seller list.

2. if you want to call it "markdown 2.0", gruber will have to
give y'all his permission. i said it will be "interesting" to see
if he gives it, or not. because "interesting" is the right word.

3. macfarlane, terpstra, and jalkut could've utilized _any_
of the markdown supersets; but they chose multimarkdown.
doesn't matter if they "back that up" with a public statement
or not, because each of the choices speaks loudly for itself.
and the cumulative flow of all three of 'em is overwhelming.
it's also the case that new improvements to multimarkdown
-- such that it is now easily deployed in i.o.s. environments,
and without troublesome dependencies -- made a big jump
in regard to leapfrogging over variants once superior to it...

4. fletcher tries not to be immodest too. he fools no one. ;+)

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